Reputation Monitoring

New Media Has Changed the Game

In today’s society, customers shape a company’s brand and bottom line more than ever.

Did you know 2/3 of people are more likely to buy from a store if they find positive comments about it online? Conversely, 1/2 are less likely to buy if comments are negative.

Improving Online Visibility

The Visibility feature gathers all the locations on the web where your business listing can be found. It shows you where you’re business listing is either missing or inaccurate.

Online listings are crucial to making sure customers can find your business. Maintaining a consistent online presence goes a long way to improving online visibility and interaction.

Monitor Your Social Profiles

Track your Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Foursquare check-ins. When people like, retweet,
or post a comment about your business, you will see it here.

Monitor Competition

‘Share Of Voice’ graphs reveal how your business stacks up against your competitors in local internet searches. Social tracking keeps an eye on your audience and activity compared to your competitors.

Reputation Booster

Manage Reviews

  • Recent clients are sent emails encouraging them to review their recent experience with your business.
  • Positive reviewers are linked and encouraged to leave other reviews on noted review sites.
  • Negative or less-than-positive reviewers are asked to leave a comment and are thanked for their time.
  • Customers with positive experiences are encouraged to engage in boosting your reputation across the web.
  • Negative reviews are acknowledged without a noticeable impact on your reputation.

Monitoring Reviews

The Reviews section monitors the top consumer sites where your business might be mentioned.

If you see a bad review, respond with an apology, explanation, or incentive to win back the customer. If you see a good review, spread it around as much as possible.

Receive Alerts

Every time a new review or mention is found, you will be notified by email. Every week we will send an Executive Report that breaks down how
your business is faring in online conversations.